John Stamos on “Full House,” reputation and pals

An previous model of this tale at first aired on October 2, 2022.

Correspondent Tracy Smith requested actor John Stamos, “Do you feel like you’re having a moment?”

“I hope I am,” he responded. “But then, if you have a moment, then that moment has to end, right? Or something. [Still], I’m happier than I’ve ever been.”

Fact is, Stamos has a quantity to be at liberty about. Within the while 4 many years, Stamos has transform one thing of a fixture in our lives:  He’s the heartthrob who gained’t ever crack your center … the pal who gained’t ever assist you to ill … and from right here to Broadway, somebody who’s been known as one of the most in reality underrated actors within the sport.

This present day, he’s additionally a husband and a father. He married actor and mannequin Caitlin McHugh in 2018, simply ahead of the start in their son, Billy. It used to be the tip of what he says used to be possibly one of the most longest childhoods in historical past.

“I went into becoming an adult kicking and screaming,” he stated. “And when you have the whole world going, ‘You look 20,’ I didn’t have any of those tent poles that say you’re an adult. I was just skatin’ through.”

“You didn’t have to grow up?”

“I didn’t have to. I had Peter Pan syndrome, which is dangerous, you know?”

The boy who didn’t wish to develop up used to be born in Orange County, California in 1963. John used to be the primary of Invoice and Loretta Stamos’ 3 kids, or even as a child, minute John gave the impression destined for the degree. 

“I wanted to be famous,” he stated. “I wanted to be famous so bad! And then once I got it, I loved it. I still do. You know, these people go, ‘Oh, I hate being famous, taking pictures.’ If you see me somewhere, ask for a picture. I’m happy to do it, because it’s what I wanted my whole life.”

Actor John Stamos.

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He skipped faculty to effort his hand at performing, and landed a job as Blackie Parish at the long-running cleaning soap “General Hospital.” Stamos used to be a celebrity, with a name as a women’ guy. He stated, “There was a long time when I felt like, ‘I need to be this Lothario,’ because people were living vicariously through [me]. … I wasn’t that guy. I mean, there were moments. But I think people thought I was out doing a lotta things with a lot of women that I wasn’t. First of all, the thing that saved me most was I would go to bed around 8:00 at night. I was always asleep!”

However his superstar in point of fact took off in 1987, when he used to be solid as Uncle Jesse Katsopolis within the TV layout “Full House.”

“‘Full House’ comes along, I’m not gonna lie, it was very difficult, a lot of it. A lot of it was,” he stated.

Why? “Because it just wasn’t where I saw myself. The reviews were like, ‘This show won’t last ’til Thanksgiving.’ And now, I’m so proud of it. Now I’m really happy that I did that show. I’m glad I did it, obviously.”

John Stamos and Bob Saget within the sitcom “Full House.”


No matter his emotions about “Full House,” it made John Stamos a next-level superstar, and gave him a easiest pal in co-star Bob Saget.

At Stamos’ fiftieth birthday bash in 2013, Saget toasted his pal: “You deserve so much happiness and you are so full of love and you are such a great person. And the talent and the looks everybody resents, but you’re just a heart, and I just love you very, very much.”

The 2 have been nearly inseparable, and when Saget died in January 2022 next a fall in a Florida lodge room, Stamos used to be shattered.

Stamos stated, “I don’t know what else to say about it other than obviously … one of the biggest influences in my life was Bob. I wouldn’t be who I am without Bob. My parents, now that’s obvious. But him, you know, he was there for everything, all the good, all the bad. He was my brother, you know? He’s the brother that that I always wanted.”

At his area, Stamos confirmed Smith Saget’s guitar, which his spouse gave to him. “You can only play dirty songs on here,” he stated.

Stamos is a collector: his house is full of pictures of heroes who turned into pals.  He’s additionally gathered a couple of display screen credit, like a long-term phase at the strike layout “ER.”

With appears, attraction, and a celebrity at the Advance of Repute, it all the time looked like Stamos had the very best time. However his first marriage, to model-actress Rebecca Romijn, led to split. And as he writes in a pristine memoir popping out then this autumn, “If You Would Have Told Me,” he had alternative dim days as smartly. 

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Smith requested, “Have you pretty much worked steadily since ‘General Hospital’? Has there ever really been a dry spell?”

“Yeah. I think there was a time. I think I’m in a dry spell right now. I haven’t worked in a couple days!” he responded. 

“That’s how you look at it?”

“That’s how actors look at it. There was, yes, of course, there was times,” Stamos stated. “You know, I don’t wanna labor on it. But in my first marriage, I think I was consumed with her and not my own career. And I just kinda let things go and it was more I felt like, ‘I’ve done it,’ you know? That was my thing, too. For the longest time, when I was not sober, when I was fuzzy, I thought, ‘I’ve done it all.’ I didn’t wanna kill myself, but I didn’t care if I died.”

“You didn’t care if you died?”

“I said, ‘I’ve done it all. I’ve done … if I die tomorrow, it’s okay.’ What was I thinking? I hadn’t done it all; I still haven’t done it all, not even close.”

And he were given one thing of a warning sign in 2015 when he used to be arrested for using beneath the affect.

He stated, “You know, that fateful night of, I got in my car, I thought I could drive, and I couldn’t. I just have flashes in my mind about driving in circles. And people were driving near me and they would roll the window down, ‘Uncle Jesse, pull over!’ And I went to rehab, and it was the hardest thing ever.

“My pal stated, ‘, your mother used to be in point of fact fearful about you.’ He stated my mother would name him and say, ‘I’m fearful about Johnny.’ ‘Reason I believed I used to be fooling everyone. Anyway, that used to be that. So, when that took place, I stated, I will be able to’t screw this up now. I’ve to stick with this.”

And right here’s one thing you could now not find out about Stamos: he’ s a hell of a drummer. He’s been enjoying with the Seaside Boys and co-founder Mike Love because the Eighties. Love even officiated John and Cailtin’s wedding ceremony.

“You know how they say don’t meet your heroes?” Stamos stated. “I’m glad that I met him, ’cause he’s  everything that you’d want Mike Love to be.”

John Stamos on the drums. 

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And possibly, next a couple of many years of figuring it out, John Stamos is the entirety he needs to be, too.

Smith requested him, “What’s the future look like?”

“I don’t know, I don’t know,” he responded. “More kids, I hope. But I’m not looking too far in advance. I’m just thinking about now. ‘Cause the next moment might be someone, you know, gone, right?”

“And this moment’s pretty great?”

“This is a great moment. Winnie the Pooh said something like, ‘Today is my new favorite day.’ Making these new memories, and it’s, you know, my new favorite day. Today is my new favorite day.”

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