Jon Stewart on why he’s turning back “The Daily Show” and what to anticipate

Jon Stewart is understood for handing over the scoop as the previous host of “The Daily Show,” however just lately, he’s been the only making headlines. 

Stewart, who hosted the display for 16 years earlier than stepping ailing in 2015, is turning back the anchor table Monday evening as he starts his one-night-a-week stint as host of the Comedy Central display throughout the 2024 election. He’s going to additionally provide as an government manufacturer.

All over an look on “CBS Mornings” Monday, Stewart discoverable why he determined to exit again for this pace’s election cycle, what fanatics can be expecting from his content material and extra.

Stewart’s heavy go back

“I very much wanted to have some kind of place to unload thoughts as we get into this election season,” Stewart stated.

Stewart stated his function isn’t to have a selected affect on audience however to have a method of catharsis and a option to touch upon problems that community will optimistically experience.

“As far as influence…just about everything that I wanted to happen over the 16 years that I was at ‘The Daily Show’ did not happen,” defined Stewart, joking that there’s nobody higher to remark in this election than any person “who truly understands two aging men past their prime.”

What fanatics can be expecting

Month it’s been over 8 years since he left the function, Stewart nonetheless believes he’ll succeed in a large target market by way of that specialize in the content material.

“Information is information. And if it’s good content, people will find their way to it,” stated Stewart, including that he by no means panders to the concept that younger community soak up knowledge in a completely other means. 

To pressure significant discussion, Stewart will interact community by way of stating the remaining between corruption and integrity.

“If you focus on integrity and try and expose what you think is absurd or corrupt it’ll find its way to wherever it finds. But those are the parameters that you’re trying to use,” stated Stewart, including that satire is the “only way” he can ship this kind of content material.

“The Daily Show” airs Monday via Thursday at 11 p.m. ET on Comedy Central. Stewart will probably be website hosting on Monday nights throughout the 2024 election.

Comedy Central is owned by way of Paramount International, which could also be the dad or mum corporate of CBS Information and Stations.

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